of Financial Statements

Our audit service is made up of highly qualified professionals with over 30 years of recognised experience.


Fiability, rigor and prestige

In our audits, we are characterized for contributing with solutions and recommendations of improvement to the problems that we can detect, and always, with a practice and constructive focusing.

We have periodic meetings with the direction to communicate the most significant aspects result from our work, beside on keeping informed of the advancement and development of the audit works. Likewise, we are at disposal of the company during all the year for questions or to contrast technical opinions.

In Spain, the Audit of annual accounts, will be mandatory when during two consecutive years at the closing date, exceeds two of the following limits:


Practical and constructive approach

Voluntary audit of the annual accounts would be the one that has no origin from a legal obligation, although is realized by the same criteria that the compulsory audits.

We detail below the main advantages involved on the realization of an audit of annual accounts:


Vir Audit is a leader on startups audit.

We work with the majority of the capital venture backgrounds and seed capital in the Spanish market, and we have a great prestige for their part and recognition of the market, as leaders in audit of startups.

We know perfectly all the startups problematic, their idiosyncrasy and particular aspects and we are specialized on identify and solve the main accounting and financial problems.

We bring the best of the big multinational firms, (experience, specialization, rigor and prestige) with the combination of the best of the medium size firms (proximity, flexibility, close treatment, maintaining of the work teams..). Likewise, our fees are fair and competitive, and guarantees the best relation cost/service.


Years of experience guarantee us

VIR AUDIT has own methodologies and procedures which are adapted to special features of Public Sector management.  Our professional career path guarantees independence and quality of our services.

Public Sector Audit is the essential instrument to verify if the internal procedures of economic and financial area of Public Sector work correctly. Its aim is check the situation and the proper economic and financial operation of local entities and other public organizations regardless of its legal form, to ensure that these organizations are managed under legislation and good financial management principles. In addition, Public Sector Audit is also focus on verify the efficiency and effectiveness.

We believe that transparency in Public Sector is indicative of the Administration Quality and the citizen commitment. The realization of audit procedures contributes to transparency of information provided to its users and to achieve better management efficiency.

Our projects are carried out by teams, which have Sector Public Training, in particular, a Master’s degree course in Public Sector Audits and other training activities focus on economic, legal and organizational aspects of Public Sector.

We offer the following services in this area:

We also have experience auditing entities which are dependent on public organizations (for example, corporate entities, joint ventures, etc). These companies are under private sector law, but are also subjected to Sector Public regulations, in a lowest degree that Public Entities.

Audit on public funds and subsidies

We carry out subsidies Audit Procedures

At VIR AUDIT we have experience and specialized teams in this review work both in the state public sphere and in the European Union, having carried out a large number of reviews of R&D Projects funded by the CDTI, the Ministry of Science and Innovation. , for the European Union Technology Framework Project and other institutions, etc.


A wide variety of services

The core services that we offer are:

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